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    Greg Souther

    Carly Souther

    Abraham Westfall

    President General Counsel and COO Director of Technology and Business Development

    Greg was Co-Owner and Manager of The Credit Bureaus of Southeast Georgia, the parent company for six Credit Reporting and Collection Agencies based in Brunswick, Georgia. Other Management, Marketing, and Human Resource experience includes Credifax, formerly the Credit Bureau of Jacksonville, the Credit Bureau of Valdosta, and the Credit Bureau of Athens.


    Carly is a member of the Florida Bar and has a J.D. from The Florida State University College of Law. She provides in-depth legal research and analysis of banking rules, regulations, and case law for iTod's speakers and clients alike.

    Abraham has a Master's of Information Technology from American Intercontinental University. He has over 20 years of experience working in IT and with IT Systems. He ensures the experience of training with iTod is as easy and reliable as possible.

    Call Greg: 888.842.2408 Direct Line: 305.767.2784 Direct Line: 706.206.1991
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    Our Story

      For 17 years, Greg Souther was the Co-Owner and Manager of the Credit Bureaus of Southeast Georgia, a parent company for six Credit Reporting (Equifax) and Collection Agencies. Then, when the Internet boom took off in the mid-90s, Greg saw the opportunity to provide an innovative form of financial training that would save time, money, and resources for banks, credit unions, and associations.

    Nearly two decades later, Greg Souther Bank Webinars (GSBW) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year— and, we're still at the forefront of financial training.

    2017 will be a year of change for us. As you can see: We are rebranding, revamping our website, and adding new speakers and timely topics daily! We would be delighted if you would join us on this exhilarating journey.

    The iTrainOnDemand (iTod) Logo Story: 

    The design process was extensive-- we developed about twenty (20) design concepts before agreeing on four (4) options, which were featured in a New Logo Poll. Over 65% of respondents chose the winning design. We knew we had to respect the brand cachet but extract the real value of our new corporate mission. 

    The mission of iTod– an acronym for iTrain OnDemand— is to make financial training easy, enjoyable, and educational. We wanted to craft a logo that displayed a memorable experience for you: a symbol that shatters stereotypes about financial training being inherently boring. Most training companies—GSBW and competitors included— have approached both financial topics and brand design with a general lack of enthusiasm. For years, it's just been plain vanilla!

    Not anymore! Financial training shouldn't be dreaded – it should be embraced as a reprieve from the routine. With his airborne front paws, "Tod" represents our distinctive energetic approach to financial training. The 9-gold stars represent our commitment to exceptional customer service and high-quality training (5-stars only? So average). The stars form a constellation because our programs help you connect the dots and understand the many complex and complicated rules and regulations surrounding the financial industry.     

    We believe financial training should be easy-to-understand and a valuable use of your time—"the most precious of all resources." We are determined to save you time and money while providing new and innovative features that distinguish us from our competitors.


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