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    2016, December

    New Year, New You, Same Dodd-Frank

    Although there are a bevy of areas in need of change, Congress should focus on reforming existing laws that meet the following criteria: (1) a modification of the law will have an important, positive impact on the nation; and, (2) such amendment can be accomplished with relative ease. The Dodd-Frank financial law fulfills both requirements and should therefore be added to Congress's New Year's Resolutions.

    Welcome to the iTod iBlog

    The mission of iTod– an acronym for iTrain OnDemand— is to make financial training easy, enjoyable, and educational. Most personnel complete at least some routine and monotonous tasks everyday. For far too long, bank and credit union training has been humdrum and dull. An array of reasons account for financial training's boring reputation: For instance, the many complex and complicated rules and regulations surrounding the banking industry are dense, dry, and difficult to comprehend. Not only does the material predispose one to yawning, training companies—GSBW and competitors included— have approached these financial topics with a general lack of enthusiasm.