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    2017, December

    3 Dumbledore's Army: Bureaucrats Mistake CFPB for Hogwarts

    In Tuesday's vlog, iTod offers a quick breakdown of the ongoing shenanigans at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

    Many mid-level CFPB bureaucrats are furious a federal judge ruled that Mick Mulvaney is the Agency's Acting Director.  These employees have formed a resistance group dubbed "Dumbledore's Army."

    The group's name is, of course, an homage to the secret resistance force in the Harry Potter series. Listen to our 7-minute vlog to learn more about the latest political movement inspired by a children's story. 

    What the Heck is Happening at the CFPB?
    15 What the Heck is Happening at the CFPB?

    This week iTod breaks down the current CFPB leadership. We also cover other news items, such as: ANOTHER Equifax lawsuit; a new House Bill to kill the CFPB's Payday Loan Rule; Trump's Pick for the FDIC; and, Mortgage Lenders Tax Fix.

    Plus, your iTod iSkim Quickies: News on the Go.