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    2017, December

    3 Dumbledore's Army: Bureaucrats Mistake CFPB for Hogwarts

    In Tuesday's vlog, iTod offers a quick breakdown of the ongoing shenanigans at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

    Many mid-level CFPB bureaucrats are furious a federal judge ruled that Mick Mulvaney is the Agency's Acting Director.  These employees have formed a resistance group dubbed "Dumbledore's Army."

    The group's name is, of course, an homage to the secret resistance force in the Harry Potter series. Listen to our 7-minute vlog to learn more about the latest political movement inspired by a children's story. 

    What the Heck is Happening at the CFPB?

    This week iTod breaks down the current CFPB leadership. We also cover other news items, such as: ANOTHER Equifax lawsuit; a new House Bill to kill the CFPB's Payday Loan Rule; Trump's Pick for the FDIC; and, Mortgage Lenders Tax Fix.

    Plus, your iTod iSkim Quickies: News on the Go.