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    2018, January

    iVIDEO Intro to Business Writing for Financial Professionals
    0 iVIDEO Intro to Business Writing for Financial Professionals

    International Writing Consultant Philip Vassallo will be presenting an iTod webinar on the 30th of April 2018 at 2PM ET. This webinar provides a systematic, top-down approach to business-writing situations that includes the key principles of focused, thorough, organized, and articulate financial documents.


    3 "To Everybody from the Acting Director:" CFPB to Prioritize Debt Collection Rulemaking

    The Acting Director of the CFPB asserted on Wednesday that the Bureau will be "prioritizing" rulemaking and enforcement actions based on consumer complaints. In 2016, nearly one-third of all consumer complaints reported to the CFPB related to debt collection. Although the prospect of new debt collections rules sounds irritating, it may in fact be a blessing in bureaucratic disguise. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) is antiquated and unfit for modernity – there wasn't an internet for you to even read this post when the FDCPA went into effect! In other words, the rules on debt collection need to be rewritten to reflect society as it exists today. And, if we're going to get new rules, which would you prefer: (1) a set of potentially prohibited practices cobbled together from facts outlined in enforcement actions; or, (2) clear guidance derived from a rulemaking process?


    3 Serving Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Consumers: An Overview of Challenges, Benefits, & Regulatory Guidance for Community Banks & Credit Unions

    Catering to non-English speakers not only highlights a community FI's commitment to quality customer service, but is also, quite simply, good for business. By opening your services up to non-English speakers, especially those who speak and read Spanish, you expand your market of customers. Capitalize on this opportunity, and increase your Institution's profitability.