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    2018, March

    0 *SMH* Equifax Breach Affected 2.4M MORE People Than First Reported

    Earlier this month, Reuters reported that 2.5 million more people's information was compromised in the Neverending EquiBreach Story. That means a whopping 147.9M people have been affected by last year's massive Equifax hacking(thus far... who knows... more victims may be discovered at a later date).

    0 CFPB Issues Amendments to the 2016 Mortgage Servicing Final Rule

    This final rule replaces the single-billing-cycle exemption for periodic statements and coupon books with a single-statement exemption when servicers transition to providing modified or unmodified periodic statements and coupon books to consumers entering or exiting bankruptcy.

    0 Press Release: FCC & FTC to Host Joint Policy Forum & Consumer Expo to Fight the "Scourge" of Illegal Robocalls

    Events Will Highlight Cooperative Efforts by the Two Agencies to Combat Illegal Calls and Promote Innovative Solutions to Protect Consumers

    0 Supreme Court Holds That Bankruptcy Courts Determine Chapter 11 "Insiders"

    Today, the Supreme Court held that U.S. circuit courts should defer to the bankruptcy court's factual findings about certain challenges related to a creditor’s "insider" relationship with a Chapter 11 debtor; the U.S. Bank v. Village at Lakeridge, 583 U. S. ____ (2018), decision emphasizes the bankruptcy court's autonomy and highlights the importance of lower court scrutiny, especially with regards to restructuring plans.