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    3 Serving Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Consumers: An Overview of Challenges, Benefits, & Regulatory Guidance for Community Banks & Credit Unions

    Catering to non-English speakers not only highlights a community FI's commitment to quality customer service, but is also, quite simply, good for business. By opening your services up to non-English speakers, especially those who speak and read Spanish, you expand your market of customers. Capitalize on this opportunity, and increase your Institution's profitability.

    iLearn - 5 Facts in 1 Minute: The Military Lending Act Edition

    By: Carly Souther

    1. The Military Lending Act (MLA) applies to active-duty servicemembers

    2. Servicemember Right: 36% Interest Cap

    3. Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

    4. No Mandatory Military Allotments

    5. No Prepayment Penalty