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    David L. Osburn, M.B.A.

    • Founder of Osburn & Associates, LLC, a business training and contract CFO firm, 15 years; and former banker (commercial lending), 16 years, including the position of vice president/senior banking officer
    • Practice emphasizes all aspects of credit training including financial statement analysis, tax return analysis, and loan structure/documentation/compliance
    • Conducts regular seminars, webinars, and keynote speeches on commercial lending topics throughout the U.S. for bankers, CPAs, creditor managers and attorneys
    • College professor teaching both graduate (MBA) and undergraduate classes for 29 years
    • Holds the professional designation of Certified Credit & Risk Analyst (CCRA) as granted by the National Association of Credit Management (NACM)
    • M.B.A. degree and graduate, ABA National Commercial Lending School

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    Advanced Tax Return Analysis for the Banker

    This webinar will provide the banker with an overview of several advanced tax return concepts and related analyses. The webinar will begin with a brief review of analyzing a business owner’s personal “1040” tax return and the return of both an LLC and an S corporation including Schedules M-1 and M-2, Schedule K-1, pass-through transactions, and other deductions.

    Banking for the Medical, Legal, & Accounting Professional


    This is a rebroadcast of a session that was recorded on the 6th of July 2016. 

    This webinar will provide the Banker with a strong background in banking for the medical, legal, and accounting professional. The webinar will address the three most important issues in providing bank products and services to these professionals including Marketing to the practice, Financing the practice, and Managing the relationship.

    The marketing section will cover “targeting” the bank’s products/services to fulfill the banking needs of doctors (MDs, dentists, optometrists), attorneys, and CPAs. The “mind-set” of these practitioners will also be reviewed.

    The financing section will include typical bank “lending” and “deposit services” and effective “credit underwriting” of the professional practice including financial statement and cash flow analyses.

    The relationship management section will explore ways to more effectively work with the professional, from a “psychological” standpoint, and better interact with their office manager and staff.

    Case studies will be utilized throughout the webinar to reinforce the concepts.  

    Commercial Lending: How to Analyze Business Tax Returns to Enhance Customer Experience

    When you register for this webinar, you will receive a complimentary 5-part Toolkit. This webinar will provide the banker with several advanced tax return concepts and related analyses to help them more effectively work with their business customers.

    Commercial Loan Structure, Documentation, & Compliance Training

    This proactive webinar provides a thorough overview of commercial lending requirements from a loan structure, documentation, and compliance perspective. Basic business structure will be presented along with loan structure and loan support. Additionally, commercial lending issues relative to loan documentation will be reviewed. Loan pricing and monitoring will also be covered along with a review of current compliance issues. The webinar will be summarized through a comprehensive case study.

    Commercial Real Estate Lending in Today’s Economy

    The commercial real estate market has its “ups” and “downs.” Prior to the “Great Recession,” many banks were heavily concentrated in this market. But as the market has started to recover, it is important that banks “cautiously” expand their commercial real estate loan portfolio. This requires an understanding of “commercial real estate” and the “loan transaction” process. Attend this Webinar to review the basics of “commercial real estate” including types of properties, environmental issues, and demand/supply in the “current” market.