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    Donation Extended - 50% of sales will be donated to United for Puerto Rico until the end of September

    In the wake of the destruction from Hurricane Maria, iTod wanted to assist with relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Yesterday we announced that we would be donating 50% of Wednesday's sales to United for Puerto Rico (Unidos x Puerto Rico), an initiative created by First Lady Beatriz Rosselló to proivde aid and support to help families recover from Maria. 

    Upon further reflection, we don't believe a one-day donation is sufficientPuerto Rico continues to face dire circumstances on the ground. There's still almost no power (there are a few generators powering high-priority places like hospitals). This means 3.4 million Americans don't have water to drink, bathe, or to flush toilets. Everything is in short supply - food, fuel, cell service - you name it, Puerto Rico is without it. 

    In light of this humanitarian crisis affecting millions of U.S. citizens, we are compelled to do more. We will extend donations through the end of September.

    All registrants will receive a donation receipt to confirm that 50% of their order was donated

    If you're planning to register for a webinar in the near future, please sign up before the 1st of OctoberBy registering for an upcoming webinar ($249), you will also be making a donation of $124.50 to United for Puerto Rico. Your registration fee will help supply basic necessities and rescue those missing, displaced, and impacted by Hurricane Maria. 

    You can also visit our calendar to see more upcoming programs (sessions have already been added for 2018), or check out our 1-Year OnDemand training library to view almost 100 titles. 

    It’s easy to feel numb after a natural diaster and our compassion doesn't always rise. But, as psychologist Paul Slovic said, "even partial solutions can save whole lives." You can help, at least in part. And look, if you don't need bank training - no problem - here's a list of charities accepting donations to help Puerto Rico

    Thank you and God Bless America. 


    The iTod Team