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    Four Personality Types: How to Negotiate With Anyone

    The content of this post derives from Mike Morley's Negotiation Skills presentation, which you can attend on Tuesday, the 13th of March at 11AM ET. 

    There are four important - but simple- steps to take to persuade others to agree with you:

    1. Identify the real decision maker
    2. Identify their personality style
    3. Adapt and make them want to agree
    4. Develop a partnership attitude and get what you want
    This post is going to explore Step 2 of the Negotations Process. 

    There are countless types of personalities, but for the purposes of negotiations, we can divide individuals into four general categories: (1) Queen Bee; (2) Social Butterfly; (3) Border Collie; and, (4) Worker Bee. 

    By understanding the type of personality a person has, you can use the "chameleon" approach (Step 3) to convince them that they agree with your suggestion(s). 

    Queen Bee Characteristics

    "Do it now, because I said so."

    • CEO-Type;
    • Sees the Big Picture;
    • Confident;
    • Impatient ("Get to the point.");
    • Risk-taker;
    • Independent

    How to Negotiate with the Queen Bee: Convey the Benefit of Doing X, Y, Z

    Social Butterfly Characteristics:

    "Let me explain why we should do it my way."

    • Sales-Type;
    • "People" Person;
    • Optimistic;
    • Patient and Persistent;
    • Unorganized;
    • Enthusiastic

    How to Negotiate with the Social Butterfly: Reinforce how much you like them and value their ideas.

    Border Collie Characteristics:

    "I've got a plan to get this done."

    • Middle manager;
    • Consistent;
    • Executes Plans;
    • Calm;
    • Loyal

    How to Negotiate with the Border Collie: Explain how XYZ will maintain/enhance/achieve stability and security

    Worker Bee Characteristics:

    "Tell me what to do and I'll get it done."

    • Reliable;
    • Task-Oriented;
    • Attention to Detail;
    • Resistant to Change;
    • Cautious

    How to Negotiate with the Worker Bee: Explain Task XYZ, Provide Steps to Complete XYZ, Thank for Completing XYZ.

    Want to discover how you can more effectively persuade others to agree with you? Attend Mike Morley's "Negotiation Skills: How to Persuade Anyone" webinar on Tuesday, the 13th of March at 11AM ET. 

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