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    *SMH* Equifax Breach Affected 2.4M MORE People Than First Reported

    *smh* is internet-speak for *Shake My Head*

    Earlier this month, Reuters reported that 2.5 million more people's information was compromised in the Neverending EquiBreach Story. That means a whopping 147.9M people have been affected by last year's massive Equifax hacking(thus far... who knows... more victims may be discovered at a later date).

    Equifax attempted to put out the fire, insisting that the most recently reported victims only had their names and driver's license info exposed. A company spokesperson points out that “less information was taken because it did not include home addresses, driver’s license states, dates of issuances, or expiration dates.” Basically, it's no big deal, y'all! 

    And, while Americans and British citizens (and probably other nationalities too) may be negatively impacted by this breach, Equifax is actually doing BETTER than it was this time last year - profits rose by 5%!! The company has, however, reported spending $114M in breach-related expenses... and, will hopefully incur more as governments around the world investigate the cyber hack. 

    Republican John Thune, Chairman of the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, said the group will gather more details about the the newly identified victims. Sen. Thune said, “The company should have acted sooner to mitigate the impact on these additional affected consumers...Equifax needs to put consumers first and shouldn’t be trying to clean up its mess in a piecemeal fashion.”

    At this point, it's difficult to imagine that's not wishful thinking.

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