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    By: Carly Souther

    Carly Souther

    Break Free of the Boring


    For 17 years, Greg Souther was the Co-Owner and Manager of the Credit Bureaus of Southeast Georgia, a parent company for six Credit Reporting (Equifax) and Collection Agencies. Then, when the Internet boom took off in the mid-90s, Greg saw the opportunity to provide an innovative form of financial training that would save time, money, and resources for banks, credit unions, and associations. Nearly two decades later, Greg Souther Bank Webinars (GSBW) is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017— and, we're still at the forefront of financial training.


    2017 will be a year of change for us. As you can see: We are rebranding, revamping our website, and adding new speakers and timely topics daily! We would be delighted if you would join us on this exhilarating journey. 


    The 3Es of iTod: Easy, Enjoyable, Educational

    The mission of iTod– an acronym for iTrain OnDemand— is to make financial training easy, enjoyable, and educational. Most personnel complete at least some routine and monotonous tasks everyday. For far too long, bank and credit union training has been humdrum and dull. An array of reasons account for financial training's boring reputation: For instance, the many complex and complicated rules and regulations surrounding the banking industry are dense, dry, and difficult to comprehend. Not only does the material predispose one to yawning, training companies—GSBW and competitors included— have approached these financial topics with a general lack of enthusiasm.

    These factors shed some light on the psychologically influences of preconceived notions. Financial training has been perceived as boring because we expect it will be. Yet continuing education shouldn't be dreaded due to its dull nature or predictability – it should be embraced as a reprieve from brainless busywork.

    It should also be easy-to-understand and a valuable use of "the most precious of all resources"—your time. We are determined to save you money while providing new and innovative features that distinguish us from our competitors. Some of our new features include:

    •          Tod the iTod Terrier Trainer: Our company champion, logo, and mascot.
    •          iTod Mobile iApp, Now you can order webinars and read our informative news posts on the go—from the convenience of your mobile phone.
    •          1-Year Access to all On-Demand Programs
    •          Customize Your iTod Mail: Opt-in to receive tailored notifications exclusively.
    • Blog, with free and informative resources on a wide range of banking and financial topics; as well as downloadable materials for you to revise for your policies and procedures.
    •          Easy-to-navigate website. Quickly find topics of interest and check out with ease.
    •          Beauty & the Banker: An interactive feature for bankers and credit union workers who love their animals and want to share their cutest, funniest, naughtiest, and most adorable moments. Send us your photos and follow us on Instagram at @BeautyAndTheBanker.


    From everyone at iTod, thank you for emBARKing on this adventure with us.






    Carly Souther

    COO & General Counsel