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    What is a Webinar?

    • Webinars Provide Cost-Effective Education
    • A webinar combines the clarity of an audio teleconference with the interactivity and visual presentation of the internet and offers the convenience of attending a training session from your own facility.
    • You pay by the location, not by the person.  One price literally can train all your employees!
    • All you need to participate is a phone connection and an internet connection. If you don't have an internet connection, you can still participate in the audio session which includes easy-to-follow handouts!
    • Each session allows attendees to ask questions, participate in live surveys, and see the slides as the seminar leader presents the material.
    • Can't attend at the scheduled time? No problem, purchase the recorded version and you receive unlimited playback of the original session (combined audio & visual with your internet connection).  No CD is required since we do not cancel the OnDemand Link as many other webinar providers do.  All handouts included in OnDemand version.   
    • iTod enhances the Registration and Webinar! We've simplified the registration process and receiving links and reminders on HOW-TO connect to the webinar and get your handout materials.
    • Industry Speakers- We have partnered with several organizations to provide you the very best in web-based seminars featuring the finest speakers in the financial industry.