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    Your Weekend Recap: Experian Lied About Credit Scores it Sold

    Your Weekend Recap: Experian Lied About Credit Scores it Sold


    A Copiague man was sentenced Friday to 12 ½ years in federal prison for conning banks out of more than $30 million in a mortgage scam over a six-year span. Read More

    [O]ver the last few years, we have been hit with an onslaught of tax-related fraud and identity theft. How very important it is for you to know what scams to look out for and be on guard against during this tax season. Read More.  

    The Chief Security Officers of banks on Saturday urged the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide them with security framework that would blacklist cyber criminals in banks. Read More


    If you bought a credit score from Experian, you may not have received what you thought you did. This is because Experian developed its own credit scoring model. Read More

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has ordered Experian to pay a civil penalty of $3 million and ordered Experian and its subsidiaries to stop lying about the credit scores they peddle to consumers. Read More

    As important as background checks can be, there are significant legal risks created by doing them unlawfully.  Federal and state statutes prescribe what information can be collected, how it can be collected, and whether collected information can be considered in the hiring process. Read More